MAC: Uninstall leftover files after Bitdefender Uninstall is run

I have a Mac and I'm running Sonoma 14.3. I've been troubleshooting my computer for over a month to figure out what's happening with CPU 100% on a couple of processes I can see on the Mac's Activity Monitor.

The experts in the Mac community advised me to uninstall bitdefender to see if that was causing issues. I used the uninstallation program and rebooted, and the problem is still there. I plan to reinstall bitdefender but after I convince myself, it's not some leftover stuff I might have had from an earlier version in the event I did not use Uninstall but instead, accidentally removed the app from the Apps folder like a typical Apple app where you can just delete the Apple app and the app is deleted and doesn't leave anything harmful behind.

How can I manually remove any of the remaining files? If I do a search using Finder, I can find BD files on the computer, but I'm afraid if I delete them, something else could happen. Is there a way to do seek and destroy BD files in Safe Mode or at least see if there are any files that should no longer be present now that I've uninstalled the app using the uninstallation tool?