[Email Security] How to "Notify Sender" with %MailFrom% ?

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  1. There is a preset 'Selected Condition' for matching on Credit Card [numbers] either regex or keywords.
  2. Under a rule's "Selected Actions", one can "Notify Sender" that an outbound email has been quarantined.
  3. When configuring the "Notify Sender", you are asked to fill in the "From address:".

The problem is that it could be ANY employee that sent it.


When you try to put "%MailFrom%" in the "From address" field, it disallows this as not a legit email address, and disallows the form to be saved.

I know that things are in the digest, but an immediate notification is more useful in this case (and likely many others I will encounter).


How can I send "Notify Sender" notifications when it could be any employee? Can the macro be allowed via some buried setting?


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  • Andrei_S Enterprise
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    Hello @TheITGuy ,

    In the screenshot provided you are trying to add the %MailFrom% in the From address field which does not support placeholders. You can add the placeholders in the Subject or Message fields. In the From address field you should insert a valid email format address for example [email protected]

    I have added below more details on this from our documentation:

    The Notify Recipient and Notify Sender actions can be used in Message Rules to send a notification to the recipient, sender or a specific address. For example, you may want to notify a recipient that their message has been quarantined due to its size, or you may want to notify the administrator if an email message contains a certain keyword.

    The following should be noted about these actions:

    • The Notify Recipient action can only be used if the Direction condition is set to Inbound in the rule
    • The Notify Sender action can only be used if the Direction condition is set to Outbound in the rule
    • Only one notify recipient or sender can be used in the selected actions per rule.
    • The From address is required
    • If the To address is left blank, it will default to either the sender or the recipient. If specified, the notification will be sent to that address
    • Multiple To addresses are not supported. You can use a distribution address if you need more than 1 recipient to get the notification
    • The Subject is optional. The Subject can also include placeholders (%MailFrom%, %RcptTo%, %Subject%, etc.)
    • The Message is required and is limited to 1000 characters. The Body can also include placeholders (%MailFrom%, %RcptTo%, %Subject%, etc.)
    • The use of colon ":" in the message body should not be used.

    If you need further assistance, you can also reach out to our Enterprise Support Team: https://www.bitdefender.com/business/support/en/71263-85158-contact.html

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