BD VPN, Error 181 & 9, 3 physical Ethernet Ports, one used for Hyper-V VM

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I have 1x 1GB standard NIC card, which Is disabled within the Windows 10 Network Connections page.

I have a 10Gtek X540-10G-2T which adds 2x 10GB ethernet ports to my system using a pci slot. One of those ports is configured to be used by the Host Windows 10 Pro system. The other NIC port is dedicated to an External Virtual Switch within Hyper-V Virtual Switch Manager. That virtual switch has "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter" unchecked and disabled. Neither of the physical Network adapters have sharing enabled on the Windows Network Connections page. Both of the enabled 10GB network adapters have and addresses for DNS configuration.

I have a 3 node BD Security Center license with VPN. I have BD SC and VPN installed on the Host and the Client OSs.

On the Host I am running Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045, fully licensed and updated, and Windows Defender active and updated. I have BD SC and VPN configured with Split Tunneling enabled and this is a requirement.

On the Hyper-V gen 2 VM, I am running the same version of Windows, fully licensed and updated, and Windows Defender active and updated. I have DB SC and VPN installed with Split Tunneling disabled, though I may enable it in the future.

When I try to connect to the VPN on the Host server while internet is active on both the Host and VM,

  1. Unified Wintun network adapter appears
  2. Unified Wintun network adapter connects successfully
  3. BD VPN shows an active connection
  4. Ethernet 2 network adapter (dedicated to the Host) changes to Disabled
  5. Ethernet 3 network adapter (dedicated to the Hyper-V VM) changes to Disabled
  6. Ethernet 2 network adapter changes to Network Cable Unplugged
  7. Ethernet 3 network adapter changes to Network Cable Unplugged
  8. BD VPN posts error 181(TunnelBroken) or sporadically an error 9
  9. Unified Wintun network adapter disappears
  10. Ethernet 2 network adapter resets to active and internet is restored on Host
  11. Ethernet 3 network adapter resets to active and internet is restored to VM

This whole set of steps happens in about 30 seconds.

Here is a screenshot from between steps 6-7.

I have tried flushing my DNS, several different variations of sharing the network adapters with the Hyper-V Virtual Switch adapters, managing firewall settings. I even tried configuring everything to use one physical NIC and disabled the other two. In that scenario I can get VPN with Split Tunneling to work on the Host, and the Client even maintains it's connectivity (not through the VPN), but I am unable to enable VPN on the client. I get an error 181.

How should I have my Network Adapters, Windows Firewall, Hyper-V Network Switches, BD SC and VPN configured to allow for 1 dedicated NIC for the host with split tunneling VPN, and one dedicated NIC port for the VM, possibly with Split Tunneling enabled?

Thank you in advance. I know this is a large question and I tried to include all the info you may need .