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Phishing Problem With Firefox


2 problems:

1. When I try to download an attachment from my Yahoo Mail in Firefox 3, Bdefender gives me this phishing alert: “BD has blocked a website in your browser (URL given). Are you sure you want to view this site? BD has detected a potential phising site. Click View if only you absolute trust this site.” I click “View” and a blank page appears – no save/view prompt, no download… But if I switch off BD antivirus and try to download the attachment, it works fine. In the same PC, when I try to download the same attachment in Internet Explorer, there is no problem whatsoever. Could there be any configuration that I need to set in BD for Firefox? (Sorry I was unable to attach the phishing alert screenshot)

2. BD 2008 as well as 2009 always warns me some critical issue is pending: viz. I have not done a scan for some time. A deep scan takes hours. How do I avoid this energy and time consuming operation every now and then.

Please help!



  • I recently downloaded and installed norton 360 version 2. After the download i started up firefox 3 to find a box appear asking if i would want to change my default phishing filter to norton's. I clicked yes. The problem i have is that when you close firefox 3, the program still appears in my processes even though it isnt appearing on my screen. If i open up another firefox the home page doesnt show up, neither do any of my history or bookmarks. This means i have to close the program manually through task manager which causes all data to not be saved. This means all my cookies and page history is now deleted. Can you please fix this problem.