Which unsupported browsers do Bitdefender users currently use?

Although Bitdefender covers a wide variety of Operating Systems and big named Browsers like Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox; there are still browsers that are unsupported/under supported that leave security holes open for malware and tools that make Bitdefender's other tools leave an inconvenience for the user of other software.

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Which unsupported browsers do Bitdefender users currently use? 0 votes

Chrome on Google Chromebook
Other browsers


  • Flexx

    Hardly anyone uses Safari. When discussing alternative browsers, it's worth noting that Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and Edge Chromium are all based on Chromium technology, the same technology used in Google Chrome.

    Is your query related to malicious website blocking and phishing protection? If so, all Chromium-based browsers can utilize the Bitdefender TrafficLight extension, which can be downloaded from here: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/trafficlight/cfnpidifppmenkapgihekkeednfoenal?pli=1

    It's important to note that the TrafficLight extension and the web protection feature in Bitdefender serve the same purpose; one is built into the software, while the other is a web browser extension.

    Regarding the downloading of software or files from the internet, regardless of the browser used, anything downloaded onto an operating system is automatically scanned by Bitdefender in real-time.

    Furthermore, there is currently no information available regarding whether Bitdefender plans to support non-supported browsers at present.

    @camarie can provide more insight on this.


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  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    Not all Chromium based browsers are equal. Edge at a time could not install Google store extensions, only their own. And even if the base technology is the same, there are enough differences to prevent a one-size-fits-all approach.

    About TrafficLight, this is an old technology (and in another team either), I do not know how much effort will be invested in it. But now that you mentioned it, maybe it's time to review it.

    About rarer/unsupported/exotic browsers, I will ask tomorrow if there are plans for supporting at least some of them.

  • @Flexx I was mainly talking to the lacking support for the Bitdefender Password Manager on Chromium based browsers. Opera and Chromebook are totally unable to use the technology leaving the user scrabbing for other products. Safari is a default install on MacOS/iOS and therefore should be supported by all browser extensions/plugins alike. If users opt to use another browser that is simply their option to do so.

  • Jaswinder001
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    Thank you @camarie Please do follow up.