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Bruteforce attack using the RDP protocol

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Im receiving this alarm from different IP addresses.

This started since 21 hours ago.

What can I do to stop this?

Why this is happening in the first place?

Bruteforce attack blocked

4 hours ago


Online Threat Prevention

Multiple failed login attempts were made by using the RDP protocol. We blocked the connection to stop the attacker from gaining access to your credentials and compromise your privacy



  • Serre

    The IP addresses are from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Netherlands, and Germany.

    I have the RDP port opened on my router as i access my computer from outside the house. I know i can use anydesk or teamviewer but i prefer RDP.

  • Serre

    Any idea what is this?

  • Nunzio77
    Nunzio77 Defender of the month mod

    Have you tried doing a full scan of your PC?

    Have you cleared your browser cache?

    Nunzio ·

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Serre,

    A Brute force attack is a method used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to a system or data by trying out all possible combinations of passwords or encryption keys until the correct one is found. Essentially, it's a trial-and-error method where the attacker systematically checks all possible combinations until the correct one is discovered. I would advise to get in touch with the Bitdefender Support engineers and ask them to have a look at this. They can advise on what to do next.

    You can get in touch with the Support teams by choosing one of the contact channels listed here:

    Scroll down to state your contact reason, then choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them.

    Let us know how it goes.


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