Bitdefender is getting too expensive. Why do they not offer a Total security solution to include family AV Firewall VPN and at least 1 person Identy Theft protection. I've been a subscriber for over 10 years now but it's looking like I will have to look elsewhere.


  • Hello @Hitbit,

    I think the package your are looking for is Premium Security Plus. This offers antivirus protection for up to 10 devices and covers multiple operating systems. It includes Premium VPN (unlimited), Password Manager for individual use and Digital Identity Protection:

    If we do the math, the above services would now cost £147,95 if purchased separately, whereas Premium Security Plus costs £69.99 for the 1st year of subscription and I think that's a bargain for what it offers.

    Regarding the subscription costs, currently there's a 50% discount for new purchases on the official Bitdefender website for this package. Click on the link above for more details.



    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user