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Total Security

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I purchased TD which covers 5 devices. As I only have mobile and desktop computer, I'm wondering if there is a different subscription for total security that covers less devices and and may be less expensive to purchase.

The only reason I bought total security for 5 devices was as far as my searches showed, 5 devices was the least number covered within TD.

Can anyone please advise if there is a TD subscription available that covers say, 3 or less devices and how I obtain a refund for the price difference between the 5-device TD and a lower TD subscription.

Thankyou for any help with this.


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  • Hello @MiniBB,

    Total Security can be purchased in two variants, for up to 5 devices and up to 10 devices. It doesn't have a lower version and for 1-3 devices there is the option to purchase Antivirus Plus, Internet Security or Antivirus for Mac. However, these subscriptions do not cover mobile devices, thus Total Security is the more complete package for multiple operating systems. Separate subscriptions that cover mobile devices are also available with Mobile Security (Android or iOS).

    To sum it up, as the Support representatives advised, the best option for your 2 devices is still Total Security, since it offers protection for Windows/MAC/Android and iOS.



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