Bitdefender Logo is different since last update

On my Windows 10 computer, I have had Bitdefender for over a decade and the logo in the taskbar has always had a small chevron or similar mark on the logo in the bottom left corner. When this mark showed up after a restart you always knew Bitdefender was completely done restarting.

Since the last update, the logo no longer shows that mark in the logo but says my computer is protected and safe. Is this a new change? Or maybe It happened earlier and I didn't notice.



  • Gjoksi


    My specs:

    OS Windows 10 Pro 22H2 x64 With Latest Windows Updates Installed

    OS Build 19045.4123

    Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19054.1000.0

    BD Total Security

    That small chevron mark on the logo and in the GUI presents a feature called Autopilot.

    "To offer you an effective operation and increased protection while carrying out different activities, Bitdefender Autopilot will act as your personal security advisor. Depending on the activity you perform, either you work, make online payments, watch movies, or play games Bitdefender Autopilot will come up with contextual recommendations based on your device usage and needs. The proposed recommendations may also be related to actions that you need to perform to keep your product working at its full capacity. To start using a suggested feature or make improvements into your product, click the corresponding button."

    As you can see from the screenshots, even with the latest version, the mark is still there, just as it should be.

    So, you should do the steps below.

    -- STEP 1 --

    Repair Bitdefender, by following these steps:

    -- STEP 2 --

    If the instructions from Step 1 didn't help, uninstall the Bitdefender program using the Uninstall Tool:


    It will completely remove the program.

    Next, reinstall Bitdefender from your Bitdefender Central account and see if the issue has been solved, as reinstalling the program usually solves the issues.

    -- STEP 3 --

    If the instructions from Step 2 didn't help, follow the instructions in this step.

    First, take screenshot(s) of the issue

    and create a log file on your Windows device using Bitdefender Support Tool, by following these steps:

    Next, contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by e-mail:

    with short description of the issue.

    After that, you will get an automated reply by the Bitdefender Customer Care Team, with your ticket number.

    Now, in reply to that automated reply, you can send the screenshot(s) you already took and the log file you already created in the first step.

    Since you are all done, just wait for the support engineers to investigate your issue and find a solution to fix the issue.

    Remember that the screenshot(s) and the log file will help a lot to the support engineers for better and faster investigation on your issue and finding a solution.

    NOTE: If the log file is larger than 25MB, you can upload the log file here:

    After the upload is done, you will get a notification with the file's URL and then you can share the file's URL with the Bitdefender Consumer Support.



  • Otter2020
    Otter2020 ✭✭
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    I just found out it won't let me uninstall because I am not logged in with my computer's password which I haven't had for a long time. I have been using my 4-digit key to log in for years now. This is the first time this has happened. Actually, I am logged in already with the local account. hmmmm

  • I restarted my computer and now it keeps saying "Bitdefender Services are loading now, please wait." Also, I don't have access anymore to my local account as my password won't work.

  • RedsFan
    RedsFan ✭✭✭

    Several people see this, me too ... the icon in the taskbar loading services is much slower than before at startup.

  • Mine has been saying this since yesterday but the program seems to be working.

  • Otter2020
    Otter2020 ✭✭
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    The solution is here in the post below. It fixed both my problems:

  • RedsFan
    RedsFan ✭✭✭

    I can't play with these profiles because i'm using the free version.

  • @RedsFan would you be interested in the paid version? 😁

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • RedsFan
    RedsFan ✭✭✭

    Bwah i don't need different profiles, for me its just fine.

  • @RedsFan I understand. Should you be interested in one of our paid products in the future, just send me a PM and I'll see what I can do for you. 😉👌

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  • I'm BD user for so many years. From time to time, this "small chevron" that has to do with the autopilot feature is missing and you're getting the message "Bitdefender Services are loading now, please wait."

    Every time I contacted support so far they proposed re-installation. And every time I'm telling them that by reinstalling BD I'm loosing all my settings, so I will not do this.

    As long as the program message is "You're safe" and that batch is green I'm sure that the program works fine.

    But this simple trick you mention, works!! I wish I knew this before. Thank you Otter2020

  • RedsFan
    RedsFan ✭✭✭
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    I didn't want to say that i miss these profiles (and there is a solution for paid), but that the free version is also affected with this slow loading, so that should be fixed bij BD....