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Hello Community

I have a client with the Bitdefender Cloud solution, the Exchange part was configured to detect and block.

However, they performed the EICAR test and it passed without problems and Bitdefender did not detect it.

Any ideas on how to solve the problem.



  • Hello. Don't know what EICAR has to do with my services and support but have not seen any problems.

  • Flexx

    Anti-malware vendors detect EICAR files because these files are not actual malware but are designed to mimic the behavior of real malware. The EICAR (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) test file is a standard way for anti-malware software to check if it is functioning correctly. It's essentially a harmless file that contains a specific string of characters that should trigger a response from antivirus software as if it were a real threat.

    By detecting the EICAR file, antivirus vendors can ensure that their software is working as intended. If the software fails to detect the EICAR file, it indicates a problem with the antivirus program's ability to identify threats. This test helps in quality assurance, ensuring that the antivirus software is capable of recognizing known threats and providing protection to users against real malicious files.

    Bitdefender detects all types of EICAR files. Can you upload the file on virustotal.com and share the link here.

    Similar to EICAR, there is another website, https://www.wicar.org/test-malware.html, which also provides various harmless samples for testing the protection level of your antimalware software. The website contains EICAR files as well as other harmless files for testing.


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