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My Android subscription ran out today. I had been paying £9.99 annual sub for two years and Bitdefender informed me I would have to renew for £24.99 which I thought was too much so was ready to go for AVG. But then, I found today in my Bitdefender Central a new offer of £4.99 for this year then £9.99 every year after that until I decided to cancel so I went for it. However, I was puzzled to find that the payment went through Google Play instead of 2Checkout and even more puzzled when I later received an email from 2Checkout telling me my previous sub had expired and I could renew for £24.99 (no mention of the £4.99 offer). The 2Checkout account shows no sign of the new sub, only the ones I had paid for previously through them, though I did receive an email confirmation of my new payment from Google Play who now have my card details. I had already downloaded and installed the new subscription on my phone and my laptop and am now concerned that this might be a scam that I have bought into. If so, it is very convincing as it all seems to be working as before. If anyone can shed light on this I'd be very grateful.


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    @CazT ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. The Forum Administrator, @Alexandru_BD , could look into this for you. He will be back tomorrow. It would not be a scam if it was offered to you via your Bitdefender Central account. It all sounds legitimate to me, but @Alexandru_BD would be able to answer definitively.

    You could also contact Bitdefender Support. Chat is the fastest way to reach them. Telephone support is not toll-free, and email is also an option.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



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  • Thank you for taking the trouble to reply so quickly. I hope the Forum Administrator will be able to advise but will contact Support if necessary.

  • Hello @CazT and thanks for joining us.

    Indeed, Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android can be purchased from Google Play Store as well and I think the offer you received might have been displayed in BMS and not Central. This would explain why the order was processed by Google Play instead of 2Checkout. If the order had been placed following an offer received in Central, then the transaction would have been carried out through 2Checkout.

    The thing is, purchases made via 2Checkout (orders placed on the Bitdefender website and their renewals) are not linked with the ones from the Play Store, so yes, prices may vary between the two. Since you have already renewed your protection on Android, I would suggest to cancel the 2Checkout BMS subscription, if not done already.

    No scam here, all good. 😉



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  • Thanks very much for the explanation and reassurance. It seems a bit strange that a different offer can be made via BDM - I had no idea it was a different set-up - and I wonder why it didn't flag up earlier as I was all set to go with another provider. However, it looks as if all is above board so thank you again for your prompt reply.

  • You are most welcome @CazT, glad I could help somehow.

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