Lost with BitDefender Gravity OnPremise


To be honest, I'm quiet lost with this product, its way to complicated for me! Its a lot of work just to do simple tasks.

So I am asking for help just to restore some emails!

On GravityZone, Quarantine, Exchange Servers, there is a list of email, I select the one, the Save Button and Delete Button became active, OK, but not the Restore one ???

It would be so easy to just click on it and choose restore!

What did i do wrong, I don't get it???

Any help welcome:




  • Andrei_S Enterprise
    Andrei_S Enterprise Business Support Manager BD Staff

    Hello @bitdef01 ,

    The only reason that I think of regarding emails not being able to be restored from quarantine is in case our Antimalware module has detected the attachment as being malicious and it moved it to quarantine. In this case the email is send but the attachment is replaced by a default text configured in the policy, so there is no email to restore.

    If this is not the case please reach out to our Enterprise Support Team to help investigate this specific scenario and determine the root cause.

    You can doublecheck the steps on how to restore an email from quarantine from our documentation: https://www.bitdefender.com/business/support/en/77212-343017-exchange-servers-quarantine.html#UUID-d66e8311-4b6d-70d3-6258-38f785d684a2_section-idm4606341047454433978541987829

    Regarding the product usability and functionalities, we have a series of free trainings called Masterclass that you can attend and interact live with our product experts. This will help you better understand the product and clarify any question that you might have.

    The Masterclass schedule is available on https://www.bitdefender.com/support/contact-us.html?last_page=BusinessCategory by clicking on the Master sessions card from the left side of the page.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hello Andrei,

    Thank you for your answer, I gonna keep an eye on your suggestion about the attachment.

    But just to be sure, I don't need to create an other user to manage the "Exchange Protection" , spam and quarantine module, right? I am already admin, so it should be OK?

    Sorry for my late reply, I skipped your message.

    Best regards.


  • Andrei_S Enterprise
    Andrei_S Enterprise Business Support Manager BD Staff

    Hello @bitdef01 ,

    Yes, as admin you should have all rights so no need to create another user.

    Kind Regards,