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We currently have a 25 seat GravityZone Security subscription (all used) and needed to add a few more and bought a 10 seat license. When we try to add it, it says it will replace the current license.

Will that actually happen and wipe out our existing 25 seat licence?


  • petervg

    I find the whole licensing of Bitdefender a major PIA and reason enough to start looking for another product…I want to add a seat to my license, but the UX offers no possibilities it seems…furthermore, one of my users switched laptop…also not obvious how to remove an old device and swap it for a new… what a disappointment…

  • Andrei_S Enterprise
    Andrei_S Enterprise Business Support Manager BD Staff

    Hello ,

    When a new license is bought to increase the number of seats, you need to reach out to our Commercial team in order to merge the 2 licenses. You can open a case with them from the webform( ) by selecting the category Subscription modifications.

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