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Funkwillow Doctoral Student

Is there a way to set a specific location as the default automatic login upon startup? By default, my VPN always picks the location with the best connection. However, that location is always in Dallas, Texas. That being the case, a few websites I visit block visitors with a Texas IP address. Consequently, I have to manually change the location every time I go to access these specific sites. I've also discovered that the Chicago location works just as well as the Dallas, Texas. At the very least, the VPN should have a feature to select the last location used when initiating the VPN.😕



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    @Funkwillow ,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I think BD VPN Premium does do what you are asking, but perhaps not on automatic login at Startup. I have not tested that.

    I have BD VPN Premium, and it shows the last five locations selected on the Home Screen at the bottom adjacent to the locations button. It remembers the last location I used, but I never start my VPN automatically on Start-Up. Perhaps another volunteer might have the answer.

    Please check your Settings, General, and ensure that you have enabled "Show Latest Locations."

    This Support article may be of assistance.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



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