Deleted comments?


I have posted two comments with what I think was valuable advice and they got deleted.

Thank you admins for your 'Securitatea' methods of silencing voices you do not like.

I really regret for returning at this forum and at BitDefender, had no idea it became so toxic.

Have a great day.

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    @BitDefFan2014 ,

    I am pinging the Forum Moderator, @Alexandru_BD . I am not a Moderator, so I don't know why any topics might have been deleted. You can also send a Personal Message to @Alexandru_BD .

    I have been volunteering here for many years. I have to respectfully disagree that this Forum is "toxic."

    Have a great day, too.



  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @BitDefFan2014,

    Can you tell us to which comments are you referring to?
    I can see that your most recent comments are still there and we have no reason to delete them whatsoever:

    @Flexx do you know anything about this?


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  • BitDefFan2014

    Hey guys, thanks for responding. Yes @Alexandru_BD these are two messages I posted out of 4, they were two more on different topics and they were deleted. In one of them I was telling a user that as a general rule, it is never recommended to install two security software on the same time because sooner or later problems will occur and the other one was related to a request of a user about blocking all internet traffic, and I commented that in Bitdefender blocking the traffic is equivalent with unplugging the Ethernet cable. Not a big deal anyways.

    Yea, @garioch7 I didn't say you are toxic, but whoever is deleting comments which were not off topic, I find that pretty toxic. I am an old member of this forum but I rarely comment anything. I was basically interested all this time (since 2014) in the Firewall issues, never had any other issues with Bitdefender except the ones related with alert mode aka paranoid mode, and unfortunately it is a feature I use and always has issues. It becomes frustrating after all this time.

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    @Flexx We are talking about my deleted comments, somebody deleted two of them. I will take screenshots from now on.

    Those comments indeed, now they are all reinstated, thanks!