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Official Update topic missing


By my side an official topic is missing, a place where the contributors may post all news about new program updates (not malware signatures) and where the users can follow to be informed about these events and their change logs

An example: due to Firewall Alert mode problems I had to uninstall BDIS and installed Comodo Firewall side by side with Windows Defender. For me is more important a working firewall than an antivirus software

Now, when a new BDIS version will be released, I can have a try removing Comodo and returning back to BDIS to check if the firewall alert mode is working fine

Yes, the problem is WHEN? That's the question, if I can not subscribe a post where there are the updates news…

Thanks in advance


  • Flexx
    edited April 5

    Change logs of different products are mentioned and updated in real-time in the below-stated link by admin @Alexandru_BD


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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited April 5

    Hello @SuperMatico,

    To add here, there's also a secondary thread where updates and new releases are being discussed:

    The link to the above thread is also included in the product updates and release notes thread, in the description.

    So, we have the thread shared by @Flexx for the announcement of new builds and their changelog (the thread is closed for comments, as we wish to keep the changelog information visible) and a secondary thread where members can discuss about the latest builds, announce when they get the latest versions and expand on updates, new features, fixes and changelogs in general.

    I hope the information is helpful.



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  • SuperMatico

    Ok, I suppose something different where I can receive an email every time there is a thread update, instead I have to save a web page in my bookmarks and manually, almost every day, open my favorites, click on the link and read about, in 2024 with AI running everywhere this non-feature is very boring

    I'll fix it checking your links one time per month, yes, I'll waste my BDSI subscription time frame, but after years with Comodo Firewall, it is working so fine that finally I'll decide if I'll keep this new config not renewing the BDSI subscription or not

    Thanks for your time



  • Alexandru_BD


    You can simply bookmark the desired threads and also configure your community notifications preferences and tick the box for "New comments on my bookmarked posts". To do this, click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner, select Account & Privacy settings → Notifications preferences and look for the checkbox. You can opt to receive notifications only on the forum while logged in, or to receive them via email, or both.

    You're welcome! 😉

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