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Why do you have to Uninstall your Firewall before Installing free BD Antivirus


Why do you have to Uninstall your Firewall before Installing and trying "free Bitdefender Antivirus"

I can get anywhere unless I agree to uninstall my Firewall

Why not have trust to the user but maybe just warning him, that he have to know what he is dealing with ;) ?



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Soren_1 and thanks for joining us here.

    During the setup, Bitdefender identifies other security products that were previously installed. To ensure these different security solutions will not cause difficulties, you will be advised to uninstall them. Having two or more security solutions installed at the same time can have a negative impact on your computer. The symptoms may include but are not limited to degraded performance, system crashes, and software errors.

    Therefore, even if it's just the firewall and not a full security solution per se, it will be necessary to uninstall it before installing Bitdefender.



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