Digital Footprint tab improvements in Digital Identity Protection


  • Option to "Show All"; rather than just 20 services at a time and needing to "Show more" EVERY time to click on a service.
  • Preferences for a "Show All" and "Order by" to be held for subsequent visits, so the view settings remembered for subsequent visits.
  • More specific detail than generic descriptions about the information being held by a service under "Potential digital footprint".
  • A "Refresh" capability, so we can have the entire list of Services we apparently use cleared if they are dealt with.

I am not impressed with the functionality of this tab.

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  • I just reveived an email from Bitdefender about completing a survey on Digital Identity Protection. Done! I hope some improvements will be made.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Feedback is always welcome @John-DownUnder.

    Thanks for completing that survey.

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