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I have two machines that the Bitdefender 2011 firewall keeps changing from home to public. The desktop is a Windows 7 Home 32bit with an Nvidia Nforce Network controller and the other is a laptop with an Atheros wireless adapter. I password protected setting on the desktop thinking that wife was being asked by Bitdefender but didn't stop it from changing. Don't know when it happens, only when I try to move files across the network and I can't connect to the machines and find their settings changed. I have another desktop with Windows 7 Pro 64bit and it has never changed settings. I see other reported issues but only with wireless and my issues are both. Anyone else with this problem on their wired adapters?


  • I was hoping someone may have seen this issue or at least someone from Bitdefender might off suggestions. It's getting old having to click on this is home/office network and click on remember setting for it just to ask the next day. The desktop doesn't ask, it just changes and not noticable until I try to connect across the network and am blocked.

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    I also have the same problem. It seems that the network settings will default back to public every once in awhile. I cannot print to my networked printers until I go back and change settings. This is getting to be a pain in the butt.

  • I think this is related to the problem identified in this post that BD have acknowledged and say they are working on.



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