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Hello ShadowLissa,

As a solution to this issue, please run the uninstall the from here. Make sure to restart the PC thereafter.

The latest install kit can then be downloaded and run from here. Enter the 7 digit license key when prompted.

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Sorry for the hijack...!

But does this solution apply to a serial key for a 2011 Antivirus pro V2011.

My searial key is only 15 digit long?

Please Help


  • Hi

    I've just bought 3 (three user antivirus pro 2011) and a (five user antivirus pro 2011).

    The serial keys on all the these products is only 15 charectors long.

    when I type in this serial key during installation the msg I get is....

    'serial key is too short, BD serials are 7 or 20 charectors long.

    Could it be because my installation does not have a internet connection?

    Please Help

  • Hi Guys

    Pleaase assist in this regard....

    I went back to the store where I bouht the software, and they seemed to buffled as well about the length of the Serial Key.

    The down side is that they have a strick no return policy on installed software.

    The only comfort they could give is that they'll contact BD and find out if the Keys are registered.

    But this is what I need to know:

    Has Bitdefender ever released a 15 digit Key

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    Hello Wewe,

    There are no BitDefender license keys made up of 15 characters. I am sorry for this event, however I will need the name of the store and the purchased code. I will request this information via email.

    Thank you.

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