A Malware That Refuses To Properly Uninstall From My System


I have this program that was installed on a laptop I received. It came with its own uninstaller and I used that but when I tried to install another program, it couldn't install because the program's "installer" was detected as being amid-work on my system, and so I was asked if I wanted to roll it back. I rolled it back, and the other software STILL couldn't install. I removed it as a program in windows XP's "add/remove programs". It still shows up as being in the way of other programs properly installing. I came to this place and downloaded a SEPARATE uninstaller tool which is sitting here "removing remaining registry keys" for the last hour. Another person here called this stuff "malware", and I would have to agree:

1. it doesn't remove itself properly, leaving traces behind

2. it gets in the way of performance of other software

3. it is doing things i don't want done and i can't make it stop through normal means

4. it falsifies its uninstallation and removal -- in other words, it lies

That constitutes malware.

This thing is called "BitDefender", uh, ever heard of that? Think you PROS can instruct me to remove this thing from my computer, now? Thanks. And yes, I actually am going to hold this company responsible for the lack of productivity their product is causing my computer until they figure out how to completely remove it. They programmed it to do this, so it's their responsibility, now.

-- Gabriel Arthur Petrie

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