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We Have To Add Application Rules When Auto Pilot Is On?


Every time a run an application which require connect into internet (with auto pilot on). Bitdefender's firewall does not ask me whether i allow or deny it. i have to manually add it in the firewall setting. Is it a bug? since i didn't see the firewall add any application into application rules list.


  • Hi Chickenlittle,

    I think your Bitdefender 2012 is not correctly installed. In order to see if you have loaded all it's drivers I sent you an email with the steps you need to generate a support tool log. Follow them and reply me with the results. I am waiting for your answer.

    Thank you!

  • Thanks Mihaela M. The thing is, when i run bitdefender fire in paranoid mode. The firewall show a pop-up and ask me whether i allow or not. And if i allowed it, it add that application into application rules. However, it not add any application to application rules when i am on auto pilot. Anyway, i will do my best to help.

  • After a few update today. now i am unable to do anythign with my computer. The computer become very slow. Bitdefender run on a high memory. Auto update is disable automatically. The registration is gone even though i have reigstered with the license and login to my account. Bitdefender also block all my start up program. Now i am trying to fix it. and If i can't then i have to reinstall my computer again so i wont able to run the tool and send the report for you. I will go back to bitdefender 2011 and will wait for a while for 2012 version since it too buggy.

  • rootkit


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