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Like all AV software BD likes to report false positives. In BD 2011 all I had to do was turn off the AV if I had issues running games that I know are perfectly clean. Well turning off Internet Security 2012 doesn't actually turn it off, so the program is basically a liar.

I'm trying to play a game called Knytt Stories. It was made using Multimedia Fusion, a game making application. All AV software block MMF games for some dumb reason. In Particular a file called stdrt.exe.

Firstly, MMF isn't malware or spyware. Secondly stdrt.exe is not a virus and thirdly, Knytt Stories is not spyware despite what Sophos and others think.

I can't play Knytt Stories because despite turning off the AV Auto scan, On-access scanning, firewall, Vulnerability and adding the games .exe, folder and other files to the exclusions...BD still blocks it, and then incorrectly tells me I have a virus and deletes stdrt.exe which is needed to run the game, so yeah thanks for that BD.

I emailed Clickteam who make MMF and they tell me despite many conversations with various AV vendors they still haven't been able to get them to "fix" their AV heuristics and simply ignore any further attempt at communication.

The only way I can possibly play Knytt Stories is to uninstall BD first. But that's not exactly ideal is it?


  • Can't even kill the bdagent.exe process or stop the VSSERV service; BD really is a pretty secure piece of software isn't it?

    It should have a kill switch so you can exit the program entirely.

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    Thanks to the mod who moved my thread.

    I have uninstalled 2012 and put 2011 back. 2012 is a joke.

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