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I am having installation problem with online setup, it struck on installation window and not proceed even after long time. Therefore I need offline installation kit. Someone share the same kindly.



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    I agree with this 100%.

  • try using IDM to download it ^_^

  • I'm having the exact same problem as you ONT.

  • Same problem here. Install stalls. hehehehe I have tried it on 3 different machines XPPro, Vista, Win7pro. The Win7 got the furthest and completed the download but during the install process it BSODed. So I returned to 2012 for the time being.

    I am rebuilding my Win7 install from scratch and thought I would give it another try after that. But my problem is that I am REALLY limited on bandwidth and I can't keep downloading this monster multiple times. I, like many here, really want to see a standalone "offline" install. I need it because I do this install on my own 3 computers and several other people that don't know much beyond checking e-mail and playing card games. I think I'm up to 12 licenses.

    What is the reason for not having a standalone?

  • Finally got it to install. Maybe if I waited another 15 minutes it would have run? Yet...

    I deleted the installer from Programs and Features, and tried just for grins running the 2012 uninstaller, yet as Christian mentioned in a post somewhere (I think), that the 2013 version uninstaller will be out soon. I ran CCleaner restarted the PC and tried it again. It said I had a previous version and to uninstall it, which it did, and hung on 25% for awhile and then finally installed.


    Maybe because I was doing this from a coffee shop with low download speeds it just took longer than normal.

  • Agree.I have the same problem.

  • same problem , please add offline setup

  • BitDefender 2013 Offline Installers links can be found at:



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    Hello :)

    I have updated the topic, now is sticky.

    Please check it out here:


    Thank you!

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