Antispam Strikes Back :p

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Hello everyone,

I think It's been around 2~3 weeks since it started deleting every email it considers as spam.

The problem is: we use the Windows Live Mail client on Windows 7 64bits and it wasn't filtering anything at all on my wife's pc before that date as she was receiving lots of e-mails from her discussion groups she participates in, spams and etc. The antispam option was disabled on her e-mail provider more or less in the same period stated above. Also I usually don't receive spam but started receiving after I installed bitdefender 2013 early this year but that's another problem.

So I checked today with her e-mail provider and asked them to reset her account, they did it and the e-mail is still being deleted anyway, even her brothers e-mails, and we can't configure anything at all in antispam module because it is not made for Windows Live Mail client as you guys says. I turned the antispam off on her pc, clicked the option to leave messages on their mail server even if they were deleted and they stopped disappearing on her webmail.

Should I uninstall the antispam and leave the rest 'on'? Can it be done or will I have to uninstall it completely and reinstall choosing what modules I want?

Thanks for your attention and patience and forgive my english because it is not my main language.


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    I can't edit my message above anymore so I put it here: The mail client is Windows Live Mail 2012 - Version 2012 (Compilation 16.4.3505.0912)

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    I kept on trying to figure out what happened and thankfully found out that it HAD NOTHING to do with the antispam (doh!). <_<

    There is a path like this on the Windows Live Mail client:

    Main menu


    .Security Options
    .Security Options Window - Options tab

    [ ] permanently delete suspicious electronic trash instead of sending it to electronic trash bin

    This check box was on and as days went by it learned what to leave and what not to and classified almost everything as trash and deleted everything. :wacko:

    I apologize to have wasted your space here with my stupidity but at least I learned and fixed the 'problem'.

  • Hello, no worries.

    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

    I would also recommend reading this post on Windows Live Mail 2012:

    Thanks, I will close this topic.

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