False Positive On Bitdefender's Own Software Due To Update?

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Hey all,

Came home after a week at a conference and turned on my PC. Bitdefender showed a message for an infected file. When I looked at the info, it was pointing to file which looks like what might possibly be a product update.

Reasons I think it may be a false positive:

- PC hasn't been used at all in a week, is used sparingly otherwise, is always protected with AV and BD has never reported a previous infection

- Directory of infected file points to Bitdefender's own directory

- Bitdefender is has an event saying that an update requires a reboot to complete and the update happened today, a couple of seconds before BD reported an infected file.

Could someone here or from the staff offer some feedback?

Here are screenshots:





  • Following up, I ran a system scan and no infected items were found. So is this a false positive?

  • I have had this show up for me and did a scan to end up finding nothing did an online bitdefender scan and it came up clean as well

    I came here to see if others were having these issues and if it could be a false positive or if there could be another issue


  • BD says I have 150 infected files! This after having other scans only reporting bad cookies, then suddenly one day I think my PC is completely infested with viruses and trojans.

    It also reports BD itself having an infected file.

    The vast majority of files are said to have not been fixed, but one that it did bricked my Epson printer software so now every time it boot_s, an error pops up saying the fax portion of the SW can't run.

    What is the remedy for this? I'm quite frustrated at this point.

  • I'm having the same problem! BD has told me that I have an infected file. And it is in it's own directory! From what I've read above I'm sure it is associated with a reboot request following an update. Scan is running, maybe after 5 hours I'll know if it is an issue or not. I notice the lack of response from BD officials!!!!