Privacy? See What Your Security Product Transmits

See what data is collected from your machine and sent to servers on the net.


  • Rampant
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    The information is very interesting, but is likely to be removed by moderators.

  • antikythera
    edited May 2014

    If that report is correct then the so called anonymous usage report data is far from it in Bitdefender and they are misrepresenting what the program collects by calling it that.

    I think I will turn it off from now on as that reported behaviour seems very intrusive.

    The fact that system username, product version and license key are transmitted kind of negates any claim to be anonymous.

    I hope that turning it off really does turn it off...

  • rootkit
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    Hello everyone,

    As mentioned at the end of the AV Comparatives report, all data collection is mentioned here:

    No personal data is collected(photos, videos, music, docs, etc) and all collected information is used to improve the detection and the product.

    If you have any other questions about this subject, send us and email at

    Also, please read the general rules posted here:

    On the forums we do not post or discuss comparative tests for security software.

    Have a great Sunday ahead!

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