[solved by email] Urgent-critical Errors Upon (un)installation; My Network Is Still Limited - Bsod


I urgently need help. I need my PC back for work, please help!


I installed the latest bitdefenter total security trial version yesterday on my laptop running Windows 7. I'm on a wifi network.

My woes:

-After installing i had to turn off the firewall Stealth Mode to have internet access;

- I decided to remove the product and the Uninstall setup gave me a BSOD and rebooted;

-After i got back i ran uninstallation from control panel AGAIN and i got stucked at 50% and my Internet Connection was limited (no internet, only acces to local router

-I rebooted in safe mode and ran BD uninstall tool for my trial product;

-did a normal reboot and my connection was still limited;

-Checked my wifi connection status and verified that there is no BD driver listing, only the usual ones; However, I am prone to believe that BD left something behind;

Anyone? I desperately need my pc back for work!


  • Okay, I got tech support from Bitdefenter. Mr. Laurentiu Ilie promptly solved my problem, to whom I'm grateful.

    If anyone else stumble onto this problem:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew

    netsh winsock reset catalog

    netsh int ip reset

    (in my case I had to disable dns client).

    I'm pretty upset about this piece of software. I ran into so many bugs using this Bitdefender I would think twice before trying again.

    If my opinion has value, if anything:

    bitdefender has to iron out these bugs at the sake of losing customers;

    increase customization options for virus scans and firewall;

    improve its firewall functions. Nothing extraordinary, something to likes of Kaspersky, eset, etc.

    I saw much potential and I would love to use bitdefender again if the above happens.

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