Camfecting, Wipe Method, And Firewall Improve

Camfecting, Wipe Method, And Firewall Improve

Some hackers when your computer is infected with viruses or that they try to capture the webcam of the victim, the protection that this will do is protect webcam programs attempt to prevent people view your webcam without your permission! They should make a protection to webcam, a hacker or an cybercriminoso always like to go peek webcam, then they should do something to protect yourself and stop the webcam if the hacker manages to select or see your webcam in real time! It was very helpful! Also useful if you would improve the mechanism to delete files permanently bitdefender known as privacy wipe, were more options for cleaning or whatever cleaning method to delete a file and makes it almost impossible to recover, could add more options for steps delete files such as Random Pass, DoD Short for out there, you would select the option you want! Please add these options is very useful, could also improve the firewall your using BlackList to block some malicious IP detected in our computer, ie you actualizavam and created a list of black list of IP's malicious if some IP that list were detected in our IP connection was blocked and the user is notified of it! Could have an option to disable and enable the blacklist to prevent problems or tastes. :rolleyes:


  • When I opened up the screen bezel on my notebook to replace the screen panel due to a failed backlight I disconnected the USB cable to the camera. I don't use the camera anyhow so no loss. I know not everyone can or will want to do this step though but it is foolproof ;)

    if you use a desktop with a USB camera then stating the blindingly obvious here, I would advise to disconnect it when it is not in use.

    I hope the existing realtime protection or IDS would pick up any malware or attempted driver modification/installation that would trigger the camera by now since it is not a new threat. It isn't really something that the firewall can block on its own.

    there is an explorer right-click menu bitdefender shred file function in 2014. I don't know if it made it into 2015 or not.

  • there is an explorer right-click menu bitdefender shred file function in 2014. I don't know if it made it into 2015 or not.

    Yes it did. :)


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