Question Regarding The The 2015 Version

currently lm using the 2011 version of the internet security version.

lve mainly stuck with it because l dispise the "set-it-and-forget-it" way of doing things.. l hate having the control taken from myself to decide what the program does and when it scans.

basically put l want the reigns in my hands rather than it take them away from me, which is why lm making this post.

as l said lm currently using the 2011 version, mainly because l prefer the interface but also because l want control as such can l have the same control of the 2015 version? can l turn off all the set it and forget it stuff and choose how l run my virus protection? because l dont want it scanning without me specifically pressing the scan buttons when l want to do it.

suffice to say, unless the power is in my hands with regards to the software to do things as l want to without autopilot features will mean me either extending my subscription or going elsewhere to find something that doesnt take the control away from myself to choose how the program runs especially when l leave the computer unattended.

(and if what lve asked is possible then ld like to know before hand how to sort it so lm in control rather than some autopilot function that l dont want as lm building my new system over the next few days and ld like to know as soon as so l can get the software ready).


  • In short, no you can't. I'm also still at 2011 for the same reason. If you tried 2012/2013/2014, 2015 is worse. Not that I tried it myself, didn't try 2014 either, saw quite clearly where it was all going, but 2015 has even less ways to control or monitor anything, such as not even the (unwieldy, too strict for most normal uses, but at least it was something) paranoid mode (they say it will be reintroduced at a later time though) or the application / traffic monitoring (and these will not be reintroduced).

    If you switch, do let others know how it works, all right? :/ Asking around, I kept being told that for control on top of security, Comodo Firewall is the obvious choice, but the antivirus part of their suite is worse than even other free ones, so pair their firewall with some better antivirus for best results. Last year the suggestions were the 2013 versions of either Kaspersky or Bitdefender, as the former began the dumbing-down nosedive with the 2014 version and the latter continued it further. This year the most common answer I see is Emsisoft Anti-Malware as the best "match".

    After 10 years of BD, sure am edgy about switching, and seeing that Kaspersky is going in that direction as well makes it even worse. But I'll need to soon enough I guess :/

  • l contacted support and allegedly the autopilot settings can be disabled (something that supposedly be done by editing profiles). lm tempted to take a look because lm hoping the current issue l have with 2011 is fixed.

    specifically the occasional times where the icon in the task bar suddenly informs me that the protection has stopped. no idea why but l ended up going into safe mode then setting it to restart the process if it stops.

    the other issue is lve found one or two cyberlocker sites that suddenly make my protection go nuts... and by nuts l dont get warnings about viruses but the vsserv service suddenly decides it wants to max out my cpu 100% and lve no idea why.. lve even turned settings down to the lowest level even disabled BD entirely but the moment its activated it goes nuts.. and l was hoping to see if that issue was fixed.

  • l contacted support and allegedly the autopilot settings can be disabled (something that supposedly be done by editing profiles). lm tempted to take a look because lm hoping the current issue l have with 2011 is fixed.

    You are probably aware that the 2011 version is no longer supported, since the beginning of this year. If you want information on what is available in the 2015 version have a look at the pdf for it.

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