Bitdefender Hasn't Done Testing For Windows 10, Just False Marketing

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Lets accept it. Your blog entry that bitdefender is compatible with windows 10 is false. You haven't done any testing.

1) The first issue i faced with trying to upgrade one of the three PCs (1 - win 8 and 2 - win 7) was bitdefender used to think svchost.exe was infected. i figured it could be because of windows upgrade that bitdefender played nasty and disabled bitdefender on all three machines.

After upgrade these are the issues i faced

1) BD upgrade notification came on one pc and not the other two after 6 hours of wait.

2) after upgrading BD, the antivirus and firewall components did not start on the first PC i did the upgrade. It used to give an error stating that it cannot connect to the firewall settings i presume. I cannot exactly remember the error.

3) So i uninstalled BD on all the PCs using the uninstall utility found on your website.

4) After clean installation of BD Total security 2015 here are the issue

a) Antivirus onaccess scanning is set to custom and we can't change it. It says some administrator has set the settings. Who is the admin? I wonder, as my windows login has admin privileges.

b ) under firewall, if block internet sharing is enabled all the PCs loose internet access.

c) its not possible to enable monitor Wi-Fi connections.

When I look at these issues, I wonder how many other issues exist in the application which we cannot see. Can BD actually detect viruses and other threats or are these just tick boxes that make us feel safe, but the antivirus is in an incapacitated mode?


  • Sassparella
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    I can't send or receive any email on windows 10 with BitDefender active I just get an error code saying it can't connect and to check account info. If I turn off Bit Defender there isn't an issue and the email works fine o_O

    Also as I mentioned in another thread Safemoney doesn't seem to work with Microsoft Edge.