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Cannot Use Or Select Standard Profile While In Autopilot Mode


Using BD IS 2016 on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Build # is

If I set BD to Autopilot mode it automatically changes the profile to Game. I cannot change it (no option to change with a down arrow). If I turn autopilot off I can the select Standard profile but if I then turn Autopilot on the profile immediately changes to Game.

I'm using BD IS 2015 on another Windows 7 system and I am able to select a different profile in Autopilot mode.


  • Rohugh


    Un-check the "Let Autopilot manage my profiles" in the GUI>Tools>Profiles menu and leave Profiles switched on. You will still be in Autopilot but you can change the profiles from the GUI as required.



  • dower4720
    edited January 2016

    Thanks for the reply. That fixed it. Probably got reset when I upgraded to IS 2016 from IS 2015 on this system. :unsure: