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Bd Is 2015 To Bd Is 2016 Upgrade

edited February 2016 in Install & activation

I am currently using BD IS 2015 build v. on my Windows 7 HP 64 bit system. I haven't had any issues with this setup other than a slightly irritating problem in Safepay that doesn't allow the removal of created bookmarks. Details may be found in this thread.

My current subscription for BD IS 2015 is about to expire (5 days) and I have purchased a new subscription. I will be upgrading to BD IS 2016. My questions are related to the unistallation of BD IS 2015 and the installation and activation of BD IS 2016. I have read the BD support articles on free upgrading current subscription to BD IS 2015 and on installing BD IS 2016.

  1. When uninstalling BD IS 2015 (using the New Bitdefender Uninstall Tool) should I activate my Windows Firewall first to have some firewall protection until I complete the uninstall of BD 2015 and then the installation of BD IS 2016?
  2. I have Malwarebytes Free edition on my system. Do I need to uninstall it before installing BD IS 2016? This is the free version and therefore does not have any active protection running. It must be used manually to check for malware.
  3. If I remove Malwarebytes Free before installing BD IS 2016 is it then safe to reinstall it after the BD 2016 installation is complete?

Any other suggestions or advice to facilitate this process would be appreciated.


  • Rohugh


    1. Unless you intend on surfing the net whilst doing the uninstall/install there is no reason to worry about Windows firewall. It is all completed fairly quickly and I have never considered enabling another firewall during the process.

    2. I have MBAM free and never had to uninstall it during a Bitdefender install, there have been some reports on needing to do it and if you feel happier, do so. MBAM is a quick install. :)

    3. Yes, as I said I have MBAM free on both my desktop systems without problems.


  • Thanks for the reply and info. Will probably uninstall MBAM just to be safe. As you stated it's an easy install. I'll just backup my logs from it and re-insert them after the re-install. While I don't plan on surfing the internet during the uninstall/reinstall process I will need to login to my Bitdefender Central account online in order to download the BD 2016 installer. Hopefully that will be safe.

    Only issues I can see is that my BD IS 2015 is tied to my My Bitdefender account and the new IS BD 2016 will be registered in my Bitdefender Central account. The instructions listed in the two links are pretty clear so I should be able to do it.