New Account - Can't Login To Bitdefender Central

Just purchased BD Antivirus 2016. Was able to create my BD Central Account to register my license, download and install BitDefender, but when I try and log in through Bitdefender it tells me my email or password is incorrect.

I thought maybe I typoed my password (twice) when I created the account (rare, but does happen) so I changed my password in BD Central through the web client since I was already logged in. Logged out, and nope, can't log in at all now. Same error. Incorrect email or password. I know both are correct.

Order number is 48590809.


  • It's sad you are still waiting for an answer.

    I have a similar problem. I have tried to install BD total security 2016 on 2 machines today and both are stuck at the account login after the install.

    I am able to log in to my account on the browser but not in the BD windows after the install to activate the software.