Does Working For You With Bitdefender Total Security 2016 ?


since i upgraded to bitdefender total security 2016 show black screen

only show pictures no videos

i uninstalled bitdefender total security 2016 and twitch is working now .

enough enough for me i will go back to bitdefender total security 2015 .


  • Rohugh

    I have had no trouble with Twitch, just checked again and it's working fine.

  • Working for me too.

  • Hi there,

    I can confirm twitch works for myself also,

    which browser were you using to view

    did you install the Bitdefender extensions in the browser you were using?

    My reasoning is that there may have been an extension conflict although highly unlikely since you've also used 2015 version without issue.

    I would contact Bitdefender Support at to see if you can resolve the issue and be able to use the newest version of bitdefender.

    Best of luck.