Parental Controls Not Filtering Web Content


I installed Windows 10 on my son's computer yesterday.

I installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 today. One of the main reasons I chose bitdefender was because of parental controls and web filtering being bundled in with anti-virus security.

But despite double checking that "" is blacklisted (has a checkmark by it) in Bitdefender on my sons computer, I can still search and find any pr0n site using Google Chrome in my son's Windows 10 account, which is designated as a Standard account. I have logged out/back in, restarted the computer, checked for updates to Windows 10 and Bitdefender (both up to date).

Any help? If this feature is broken I will be needing a refund, the ability to screen graphic is the main reason I went with bitdefender.


  • MicahD

    Also, does the blue checkmark in the "interests monitoring" section mean websites related to these materials ARE blocked? Or are NOT blocked? The user interface is not clear at all about this. In any case, nothing appears to be blocked in Google Chrome regardless of these settings.

  • MicahD

    So is this typical for Bitdefender? To not have a single response to a customer question in 24 hours? I bought your software BECAUSE it claims to have parental controls for web filtering of matur.e content. THEY DO NOT WORK. And no one can help me?

    I'm starting to see why so many customer reviews say "Terrible customer service!"

  • Hi there,

    I do not in any way work for Bitdefender however, you are unlikely to get a detailed response from a staff member here, you will however receive a response by emailing

    In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can replicate your issue on my own machine and see if I can help you out.

    Please don't lose faith, they cannot possibly monitor their support desk and these forums 24/7, please contact them directly via that email in future for a faster response.

    Best of luck, and I will post back here with my findings.

  • Hi there,

    it seems from you description earlier that you hadn't actually clicked on one of the results, only searched, this may be the reason.

    Please try the following:

    Okay, if you go to Bitdefender central, select parental advisor, select add device if you haven't already selected your childs, now after you select it, wait for a few moments as bitdefender on the child's machine needs to install a new module.

    Now if you go to interests, make sure that the box with the website you want to block has a tick on it not a plus.

    If you now to go the browser and search for this type of material, your search engine will display the types of sites however if you were to click one of them, the material is blocked, I have just verified this on my own machine.

    There are further restrictions you can apply with google chrome to limit the sites that it will show, this parental module by bitdefender is purely for blocking the site on point of access.

    Best of luck, I hope this helps you.

  • MicahD

    Hi SysLogs, thanks for trying to help.

    I did exactly as you said: Bitdefender central > Parental Advisor > Added my son's computer > installed bitdefender

    Then I went to interests for my sons computer in Bitdefender Central and enabled blocking (blue check mark) for things such as matur.e content.

    This has had absolutely no effect of any kind on my sons computer. If I open google Chrome on his computer and type into the address bar the page opens up exactly as any normal web page would, absolutely zero content filtering.

    Bitdefender scans his computer and I can see it marked in Bitdefender Central as "protected" so I know that Bitdefender Central "sees" his PC. But it absolutely does nothing in terms of content filtering.

    Makes me wonder if the supposed virus and malware protection isn't working either. Very frustrating.

  • Sorin G.

    @MicahD please continue the discussion on the open ticket : 2016042222170001

    @SysLogs thank you for your assistance

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