Old Kaspersky Blocks Bitdefender Installation


I know this has been posted before but I've tried the suggestions and it is not helping. I had kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and used the standard Windows uninstall process to uninstall it and now I can't install bitdefender Internet Security 2016.

I've done the following:

1. run the kaspersky uninstallation tool kavremvr.exe (uninstalling both Internet Security 2014 and 2015) then run The_New_Bitdefender_UninstallTool.exe and then tried reinstalling but with no luck.

2. done everything I can in ccleaner.

3. cleared out all event logs

4. removed all references to Kaspersky in the registry, although when it starts to search for 10 minutes, it crashes (I presume it found nothing by that stage).

5. checked the devices and there is nothing relating to Kaspersky (even when showing hidden devices).

6. found one kaspersky file which is a windows event log file and I can't delete it as I get the error, that it is in use by Windows audio - this is a common issue, and I can't get around it, but I can't imagine that an event log is going to cause a problem.


  • Hi there,

    This is very odd indeed.

    You have provided a very detailed explanation of the steps you have carried out which I applaud you for doing however, I highly doubt that the remaining event logs with reference to the product you mention is the issue.

    Strictly speaking the issue rests with the previous AV product if their product isn't fully removed during uninstallation, specially if it's their tool you are using to do so.

    The only scenario I can think of that is causing this issue is that there may still be some files left that you aren't able to view due to your explorer configuration, if you go to explorer make sure you have the option that enables viewing hidden files, then re-check the program files folders for remnants of the old AV product.

    There is however always the possibility that the installation file you are using for Bitdefender is acquiring its information from an outdated source in relation to still having the old AV installed, I suggest you take this up with Bitdefender support at Bitsy@bitdefender.com as they are far more likely to be able to collect the installation logs and be able to further assist you.

    I wish you the best with this issue.

  • Thanks.

    I always show hidden files - so I think I'll ask bitsy. Cheers,

  • Sorin G.

    @SysLogs thank you for the assistance

    @Brownbag glad to see that the situation has been resolved in ticket : 2016042223170002

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