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Absolutely Huge Lev.db Showed Up And Can't Be Deleted


Sometime back in January a huge file showed up in the BitDefender 2016 folder called lev.db. It hasn't been modified since February so it doesn't seem like it's being used for anything, but I can't delete it although I haven't tried booting into safemode or command prompt to do so yet.

I hate the idea of having to uninstall the whole program just to delete this one file, any idea what it's for? It's like 15% of my main OS drive sitting in a single file, kind of a waste of space.



  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭
    edited April 2016


    I suggest you send Bitdefender an email asking what it is and if it is safe to delete it.


  • It's 87MB on my system and time stamped yesterday.

    39GB is a concern.

    Have you attempted a repair? Try that maybe before you do the un/re-install.

    Otherwise, definitely something to open with BD support.

  • Sphexi

    Repair fixed it, took forever to find that option though.

  • Sorin G.

    Glad to hear that the situation has been resolved.

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