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Support Tickets.


Hi All,

I have requested assistance from support.

Is there any way I can later see my tickets as I can't find anywhere on BitDefenders site.

Other sites have a show my support request tickets which can be viewed at any time and also provides a status for each request. Ashampoo's site comes to mind.

I have received emails from support advising that I have an outstanding ticket and need to reply to a previous mail ?????. Sorry but I am lost.

Any assistance would be appreciated



  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    They do have a support page but it is inactive. They have said that it will be activated ............. sometime. :(

  • SysLogs

    Hi there,

    Find the email from support and it will have the ticket no. in the subject field.

    You can reply there to update your ticket and and any reply from support will arrive in a similar fashion to the first email.

    I would contact if you have lost your email with ticket number as they will be able to do a lookup with your email.

    In regards to your question ' Is there any way I can later see my tickets as I can't find anywhere on BitDefenders site' As already stated the portal isn't active unfortunately

    and so I would suggest waiting for a response via email that your issue is being investigated.

  • Sorin G.


    To contact support you can use the link bellow.

    You will notice that in the upper right side you will also have all the options available for contacting Support.