How Can Bitdefender Missed This Phishing Site?



  • Bitdefenders competitors defines it as a Phishing site but Bitdefender don't. Why?

    You can submit this URL here:

  • As of a 2016-04-26 12:12:57 UTC analysis, the 5/67 ratio reveals the range of Bitdefender competitors not defining the site as phishing greatly outnumbers those that do.

    Historically, one might also find other site results where BD defines a site as phishing while competitors do not.

    As to your question as to "Why?" That's simple: Because.

  • SysLogs

    I would always stay on the side of caution and check suspected phishing sites with utilities such as Virustotal, as you have.

    After looking at the competitors detection it would suggest to me that the site may need looking at by Bitdefender.

    Regardless of the detection ratio, if you are unsure whether to trust a site, or know that it is indeed a phishing site I would submit the URL.