Bdis 2015 And Win 10 Anniversary Update


Since i have upgrading my PC with Win 10 Pro x32 to Win 10 Anniversary Update, BDIS 2015 no longer work, cannot load services.

I can expect an update to resolve this problem?

BDIS 2015 is useless, now... :(


  • Hello,

    Firstly please provide us with the Bitdefender build version you are currently running on that machine.

    The update most likely tampered with one of the drivers the product needs to work, a simple repair should fix the issue.

    However you can upgrade to the 2016 to have the situation resolved and an upgraded product.

  • It is the last build, i am not home to tell u exactly, but i can tell that sure is the latest build.

    I have done a repair, no effect.

    I have uninstalled and install BDIS 2016, but i have lost connection to the internet with BDIS 2016 and computer act weird, not function properly, i cannot use BDIS 2016 and BDIS 2015 on this last Windows 10 update.

  • Hello,

    Your system seems to be damaged, usually I would suggest running a system file checker and a DISM however due to the lack of information I cannot be certain your situation is not caused by something else. Please contact our support at [email protected] to further investigate this issue and assist you in resolving it.

  • Hello.

    Kindly see 2 printscreens attached, one with scan /sfc result and second with BDIS 2015 version.



  • Just found this topic, I already opened a topic on the Bitdefender 2016 products board.

    Same here, after a clean install with Win 10 Anniversary Update, services takes about 5 min en sometimes longer to load.

    As long as the services are not loaded you're not protected, that's for shore.

    I use Internet Security 2016 build