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[Fixed] UAC Prompts - Elevation Helper

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HI - I just did a clean install of Windows 10 today on my Dell laptop, and then purchased and installed BitDefender 2017. Upon reboot, I got two messages asking to allow Elevation to have privileges. Which is fine and OK'd them both. But now every time I reboot, I keep getting the dialogs asking my to give Elevation privileges again. I can't figure out why this permission isn't be remembered. Is anyone having this problem? It's not a good sign, I just started using this AV and the first thing I get is a problem... 


  • I am getting this myself on my one of my machines and it appears to be being caused by a Micro SD Card I have inserted as a second drive.

    I'm guessing that you'll be getting one elevation prompt per 'removable' drive you have attached to your machine.

    Hopefully BD will fix this as it wasn't an issue in the previous 2016 version of the software and it's pretty annoying to get this prompt on each reboot.

  • To confirm this, I disabled the option for 'Scan USB devices' under antivirus settings and then rebooted, the issue went away...

    BD, please fix this!

  • I don't get the Elevation Helper UAC prompt at startup but I do get it every time I plugin a USB stick which is a pain, didn't do that in 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016 versions of AV+ 

  • Sorin G.



    The situation is known and has been sent to our devs.

    For the time being the workaround is to disable the Scan USB Device option.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • Hi

    I have just installed Antivirus Plus 2017 at my computer with Windows 10. Every time I starts the computer I'm prompt by UAC to allow Elevation Helper by Bitdefender. Is this normal? Is there anyway to turn it off?

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    There is a topic /index.php?/topic/72509-sent2devel-keep-getting-enable-elevation-at-startup/" rel="">here .  Technical Support has acknowledged the problem and forwarded it to the Devs for action.  They also suggest to disable the Scan USB Device as a workaround until it gets sorted.


  • I don't have it with BIS 2017 installed...

  • PSX

    Removed the USB key I had sitting in the USB port - and I don't get prompted anymore.

  • Sorin G.



    A fix for this issue has been released, please update to

    Please note that the update requires a reboot for changes to take effect.

  • I want to resolve the Elevation Helper problem. How do I "update to"? I'm using BD Internet Security 2017. Cheers. 

  • Sorin G.



    If you have the auto updates enabled it will do so on its own.

    You can also Update manually by clicking on the Update button on the main product interface.

  • Much thanks for the prompt reply, Sorin. Not getting any update automatically or manually. Product version remains Guessing fix is not yet available for Internet Security 2017 and I just have to wait. Good to know I can expect a fix soon. 

  • Sorin G.



    The fix applies for all 2017 products.

    Please check for Events for a successful update asking for a computer restart, click on the restart button present there.

    Should the issue persist please contact our support at

  • Thanks again for your suggestions. Initiated manual update followed by reboot. No update seems to have occurred. Problem seems to be solved but Windows still reports product version is Happy for now but will monitor to make sure updates are actually being done. Cheers.