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Hello there. I am using Bitdefender Total Security for I believe 4 years now. I ignored minor issues for a long time, believing they will be repaired (and they actually were).

What really bothers me, is that delay when the program starts. It takes literally MINUTES for the program to appear in the tray. MINUTES! A program that provides security and password manager starts with a delay. Are you serious? It was bothering me since it was first implemented (2015 I believe?) but since I started using password manager (about a year ago) it became a god nightmare.

Is there any actual way to make this soft run INSTANTLY? Not with that stupid delay?

Seriously, startup time is SICK. I measured twice, from Windows startup till BitDefender icon kindly appeared in the tray.

Also, the Tools tab. Tools did work for me in TS2016. After I upgraded (using your tool to uninstall 2016 one) the TS2017 tab is dead. Like, completely. It says "Bitdefender Tools encountered an error and is unavaible". Just like that, all the time, every single time I run pc again, the tab is dead.

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  • Hello,


    Please note that the interface and system tray icon is now configured to run after 3 minutes, the background processes start even before you can see the desktop. This aspect works as intended.

    For the tools, please ensure you have the Bitdefender Device Manager present on your system. If not a reinstall will fix this.

    Should it be present and the issue persist please contact our support at [email protected] while also including the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool located at C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2017 under the name supporttool.exe


  • Give us at least option to enable or disable this delayed start or input the custom delay time. I have to wait for BD Wallet to run for this 3 minutes to start browsing the internet to auto-fill my logins data. Not happy about this issue.