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Bitdefender internet security 2017 does not start on boot


Since I upgraded to 2017, internet security does not start when windows starts.  The icon does not appear in the system tray and the "awake" message does not appear.  There is no entry for it under TaskManager's start up tab.

What do I need to do to correct this?



  • Rohugh

    Are you saying it doesn't appear at all?  It helps if you post your Bitdefender version and your Windows version.  :) Bitdefender works immediately at boot,  the Icon and GUI are loaded a while after boot,  and there is no "awake" message with 2017.

    If you are using Windows 10 ensure that the tray icon is set to appear  (right click taskbar>settings>Notification area>Select which icons appear,,,,, )

  • fnc

    It will not show up on the startup tab, for whatever reason. It also appears that the UI loads later than it did with older versions (but it is running during this period.) On my SP3 it can take a minute or two to appear in the tray.