[Fixed] SSL Scan protection bug

edited December 2016 in Protection

Hello all,

Since last month I got a problem when I try to login on a Dutch governmet website in firefox and chrome (I have this problem not in Microsoft Edge or IE) 

When i try to login  I get a Error message about 


HTTP/1.1 302 Found

When I turn off the SSL Scan and try to login i get no errors all is fine!

But now the problem!

When I turn on the SSL SCAN I get the error again in firefox/chrome but not in Microsoft browers..

There is someting wrong with the SSL scan and using firefox/chrome. (o and im not the only with this problem there are many dutch people that have this issue)

There is a conflict with Firefox/chrome and the bitdefender SSL Scan protection in version 2017

The dutch website = https://digid.nl

O yea and if you add the website in the white list the problem is still there.