Firefox disabled Bitdefender Wallet 4.1.6

Mozilla Firefox 50.1.0 took it upon itself to disable Bitdefender Wallet and now I can't activate/install it again - it won't let me. According to Firefox it is Bitdefender with the problem, not "add-on signing" as per their security guidelines. Sort your sh*t out Bitdefender!


  • I would have put it a little nicer, but same problem here.

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    Please update to the latest build with the Wallet version 4.1.7

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    Given 1 point for inappropriate language, even though I censored the "S" word with a * for the "I"? You think I give a fudge? Give me two. Swearing or bad language isn't listed in your forum rules BTW, thought you should know.

    I haven't forgotten that time when BitDefender deleted my entire system several years ago when you released a bad update (as did rather a lot of other users), I lost a lot of irreplaceable data that day. You're still on thin ice BD. I give you 10 points which will never expire.

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    While I understand the frustration that situation has caused, its no excuse for this type of behavior.

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    General rule 9.

    Any form of aggressive language, directed at other forum members or at the BitDefender Moderating Team or staff is completely forbidden. Continuous attacks will result in an account suspension or BAN.

    Also, any form of explicit, antisemitic or racial language, or social attacks (by images, text, PMs, signature, or any other form of communication on BitDefender forum) will NOT be tolerated and will result in an immediately account BAN.

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