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As my Topic Description says Is there some kind of further information about the Credit Report Alert I received when I set up the account. I set up Bitdefender and after entering in my information for MyBitdefender i received an alert under the ID Theft Protection. I tried to find out more information but the only thing i can find is a popup page to sign up for their monthly id theft protection for $15. If you have some kind of alert it would make sense to be able to at least see what that is about instead of forcing us to buy the information.


  • I just had the same thing happen. It seems to be simply a way to upsell you for the $15/month product. If you live in the USA, you can get a free copy of your credit report every year.

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    @ jeff gedgaud

    The alert 'A change in your credit report has been detected' is sent by the ID Watchdog Inc. software. It would be most helpful for you to contact their support office by calling 1-800-970-5182 Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm (MST).

    We are here for you if you have other questions regarding the security of your PC.

  • Today I got en email "Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection has detected activity in your credit file."

    The problem is that I don't have Bitdefender and haven't since 2013. I called ID Watchdog and they told me to contact Bitdefender.

    I NEVER gave Bitdefender any permission to access my credit files. What is going on?