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As I recall BitDefender used to put a safe or not safe tag beside sites when I searched. This has disappeared now.Is this no longer available.

Running Total Security 2017.

Any help would be appreciated.




  • Hello,


    Firstly please post in the 2017 section if you are running the 2017 product. I have moved your topic to the proper section.

    The feature is still available, please let me know what browser are you encountering this issue ?

  • I had this problem also using Chrome on Windows 10.  The fix was to disable "Experimental QUIC protocol" in Chrome.

  • Hi,

    Still waiting on a reply to my issue.




  • Hello,


    Was still waiting for a answer to my question.

    In what browser are you encountering this issue ?

    What Windows version are you running on that machine ?

    What Bitdefender build are you running?

  • Ok guys I have given up. BitDefender have failed to help me with my months long request for assistance with the site advisor element of my Total Security 2017 suite. Not to worry I have installed McAfees product which is providing my needs.



  • I have to agree with you hitbit, BD support is almost non existent now, i am using a free trial and i doubt i will last 9 days let alone the  90 the trial is for. I have used the paid versions up until 2 weeks and year on year, the product has gotten worse with every new version.