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BD2017 cannot start after Windows 10 Creator Update

Hey all,

I have updated to Windows 10 Creator, and now Bitdefender 2017 will not start. The service runs for a few seconds then stops. 

This looks to be due to the new security stuff added in the Windows update, but I'm not able to disable any of the Windows components.

I've tried doing a 'repair' on Bitdefender, but this still doesn't get Bitdefender running.

Any advice would be great! 



  • I am having a similar, but somewhat opposite, problem since installing Creator 10.  

    My system scans have "stalled" at 44% while all other parameters show a scan is still going. That is, scanned items, elapsed time, and password protected files are all slowly increasing in value.  But this isafter 17 hours running.

    Like Stoobers, I've also tried "repairing" and have tried a reinstall, with no luck.

    The quick scan works just fine, as do all the other Bitdefender features.

  • I had the same problem with BD 2017 and Creator.  REPAIR didn't fix it.

    I had to uninstall and reinstall as there seems to be an update to BD that is needed BEFORE Creator is installed or it doesn't work properly, if at all.

    After getting Creator installed, just do an uninstall and select the option to say that you are going to reinstall and then let it and all then seems to run properly, at least it did for me.

    After this fix, if you have to revert to Anniversary and re-upgrade to Creator, it seems to stay intact and the Windows 10 upgrade will then work OK for BD, or at least for me, it did.

  • @ Stoobers If and only if solution that archie400 provided doesn`t work for you, you should try to uninstall latest windows 10 update that is causing you a problems with BD.

    Just follow these simple steps:
    1. Open Windows settings: by pressing  win.key+ I ; or type "settings" in search ; or run powershell and type "start ms-settings:"
    2. Go to "Updates and Security"
    3. Click on "Update History" link
    4. Click on "Uninstall updates"
    5. Uninstall latest MS update that is causing problems.

    Use this only if other solutions doesn`t provide the desired effect.

  • i've tested older versions of bitdefender too they wont work on win10 build 1703

    i think only way to fix this is going back to the previous version of windows 10 (build 1603) until microsoft OR bitdefender releases an update to fix this problem.


    or you can trust windows defender for a short time until they fix problem (i did)

  • I *think* it's now sorted, I had to remove BD2017 and reinstall it so that Windows knew it was there... pretty crappy of Microsoft but hey ho. Thanks all! :)

  • Hey Stoobers nice to hear that you solved the problem.

    Sometimes simple things can be life savers. :)

  • well, i thing last update for windows will solve the problem .


    April 25, 2017—KB4016240 (OS Build 15063.250)

    Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4016240)

    Improvements and fixes

    • Addressed issue where VMs might experience loss in network connectivity while provisioning IP addresses. 

    • Addressed issue that does not initiate a remote ring on the device when RemoteRing Configuration Service Provider (CSP) is used.

    • Addressed issue where a memory leak occurs in Internet Explorer when hosting pages containing nested framesets that load cross-domain content.

    • Addressed issue where Internet Explorer 11 does not save JavaScript files when exporting to an MHT file.

    • Addressed issue that causes users to get logged out from Web applications intermittently.

    • Addressed issue with a very dim internal monitor that may occur when booting with the external monitor only and then switching to the built-in panel only.

    • Addressed issue where running Win32 Direct3D applications or games in full-screen exclusive mode causes the system to become unresponsive when resuming from Connected Standby.

    • Addressed issue where when upgrading to Windows 10, version 1703, with the system language set to Chinese, the progress page displays geometric shapes instead of the correct localized strings.

    • Addressed issue that prevents the lock screen from being disabled using Group Policy on Professional SKUs.

    • Addressed issue in Windows Forms configuration options, which causes antivirus applications to stop working at startup.

    • Addressed additional issues with compatibility, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. 


  • Hello,


    Please let me know what build of Windows are you running on that machine when encountering this issue.

  • I'm running Windows 10 64bit Creators Update. My Bitdefender starts but, after a day or two, it stops responding, icon turns grey, and I sit here unprotected. To make it worse, it doesn't tell me that the service has stopped working.


    I'm going to try reinstalling BD and see if it works.

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    /index.php?/profile/200852-arranh/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="200852" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/200852-arranh/" rel="">@arranh Reinstalling Bitdefender should fix your problem mate.

    Reinstalling antivirus software is wise after such huge cumulative update, like Creators...maybe even if everything works right, just to be sure that everything sits on the right place default_happy.png