Bitdefender 2017 Web protection and Firefox 53

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Is anyone else having problems with Bitdefender Internet Security not doing any protection (no ssl certificate check/ search advisor/blocking phishing sites) for Firefox 53 ?

I don't know if its the recent Bitdefender update or FF updating to 53 triggered this issue. But I never noticed this issue until Bitdefender updated to

After BIS updated to when I opened Firefox I got a pop-up from Bitdefender that it needs to close the browser to secure it. Since then i'm not getting any protection what so ever. No Safepay poups either.

Wallet add-on works though

No problems in IE or Edge. I even tried uninstalling Firefox.


BIS 2017 x64

Firefox 53.0 (64bit)

Windows 10 Pro x64 15063.138





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    Please contact our support team via [email protected] with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.

  • This is happening to me, too - only on Firefox, not on Chrome.  I get an error message saying my connection isn't secure on virtually every website, including Wikipedia, Netflix, my bank, etc.  And the Firefox site says the problem may be "security software scanning encrypted connections."  I just hope this isn't another situation where Firefox blames Bitdefender and Bitdefender blames Firefox...

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    What certificate error do you receive ?

    Have you tried creating a new Firefox profile to see if the issue persists on the new profile?

    - Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges

    - type in the command  start firefox -p and hit enter.

    - click on the Create Profile button and follow the on screen instructions.

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    Here's what I'm seeing on just about every site -- and regardless of Firefox profile:


  • On 5/11/2017 at 4:40 PM, Bleb Nevus said:

    Here's what I'm seeing on just about every site -- and regardless of Firefox profile:


    I'm having the same problem. It too started after the Firefox update to 53.0 and now with the most latest update. It happened a few days ago on Wikipedia, and about two weeks ago on Facebook and eBay. All on Firefox. This past Monday Firefox also started freezing on all sites when I scroll or type. Refreshing, reinstalling and even creating a new firefox profile did not resolve the issue. Today I took out my hard drive and put in a drive that had been cloned several months ago. I installed bitdefender on it and did updates. Again I got the message Your connection is not secure on bitdefender's site and wikipedia. So far firefox is not freezing. Issues like this with Firefox and websites being blocked like Facebook is why I did not renew with Kaspersky this past December. I will be looking for another antivirus program to go with after my subscription with bitdefernder is up. When Firefox started freezing on all sites this past Monday I read some posts on the Firefox forum about others who were experiencing the same problem that started around the same time, around May 8 or the 9th. They had the free version of bit defender and there was a bug with the free version causing the problems with Firefox. I have the paid version of bit defender total security 2017.

  • I spoke too soon. Firefox is again freezing on all sites on the cloned hard that was put in today.